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Welcome to Revued

A lot of sites offer reviews of software. However, few sites tell you how those applications can be used and fewer still will review open-source products. Revued is my attempt to meld applications evaluations, sector analyses', and security positions into one website. In Revued, you will find reviews and evaluations of software that you may have never heard of. Each month I will work to bring another piece of software to the fore, using my unique business scale which lets you know where this particular piece of software should be used, and how robust it may or may not be.

Take a look inside. We've started with three separate evaluations, along with the first in a long series of Revu-Ed, our IT editorial section.

Working in Information Technology over the past few years has led me to believe that if you work in a large corporation, you are no doubt going to end up specializing in one particular phase of IT. While this is good for large businesses because they can afford to have Subject Matter Expers (SMEs) be developed, it really doesn't do a whole lot for the employee unless that employee is learning a skill that he/she wants to use for the rest of their lives. The reason that this site exists is so that I can stay out of that trap. People can become complacent and fall in love with their job and their routine. Not that there is anything wrong with that... (oh hell, why can't their be something wrong with that?) :)

If you think about it, big business wants you to find your niche, rather, they want you to find their niche. You fill it, and you can be happy and complacent for a few years, until they find someone else who can do the same job that you can do for a lesser rate.

My philosophy on the whole thing is that you have to find the time to do things that you actually like doing in the field. And, it has to be something that falls outside of your job description. Because, in the end, if all you do in IT is what your job entails, then that's the only job you'll ever have. Even if you are forced to leave your job, the resume you put out there will be one that is full of duties that helped you fulfill that one particular niche position in the large company you just left. So, guess what? You'll be doing that same position at the next company you work for.

Find your IT passion... or at least something you like about the field, and research it... learn it. - collaborate anywhere

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